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Michael’s Qualifications

Michael is an expert witness specializing in forensic dog handling, police canine tactics, canine behavior, dog bites, police dog deployment, use of force, canine crime scene, use of narcotics dogs, and scent recognition. His expertise is based on more than 40 years of dog handling and management, deployment, and hands-on experience with police canines, service dogs, and private clients.

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Michael is a certified canine trainer and examiner of police patrol, tracking, and scent detection dogs through the New York State Bureau of Municipal Police (retired). Michael is also a certified police instructor through the Municipal Police Training Council (retired). As a state certified trainer and examiner in the field of canine handling, Michael’s area of expertise includes use of force, canine crime scene, canine forensics, scent detection, police dog deployment, bomb and explosives canines, use of narcotics dogs, and dog bites.

As an NYPD canine handler, Michael and his police dog Smitty successfully completed the Police Canine Training Course and served the city as part of the canine unit for four years. As a Lieutenant with the Nassau County Police Department, Michael and his canine partner Chief successfully completed the police canine training and served the community for nearly ten years.

Additionally, Michael completed the Physical Security and Law Enforcement course with the Department of the Navy. As a member of the Naval Reserves, Michael was deployed to various locations around the world, in 2001, where he served as a physical security specialist and trained military personnel in counter-terrorism and the proper deployment of Military Working Dogs (MWD). He served on both active and reserved military duty from 1973-2002.

Michael is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy, where he received certifications in executive leadership.

Court Cases

Michael has served as a canine forensic expert, a dog bite expert, a scent detection expert, and a narcotics dog expert in a variety of civil and criminal cases in various states. He has also served as an expert witness regarding canine behavior, use of force, and police dog deployment in both civil and criminal cases. He has been court qualified as an expert witness in numerous cases involving canine forensics, dog bites, scent detection, use of force, narcotics detection canines, and proper use of police dog deployment.


Michael has testified as an expert witness in various civil and criminal cases, and has provided evaluations and affidavits for various administrative actions regarding canine behavior and dog bite instances.

Michael has served as an expert witness for government agencies, municipalities, attorneys and law firms, and private citizens and companies. As an expert witness in use of force, police dog deployment, canine forensics, canine narcotics detection, dog bites, and canine behavior, Michael has testified on behalf of both the prosecution and the defense. He has also provided evaluations and affidavits for private citizens in dangerous dog cases.

Michael’s deep understanding of canine behavior enables him to provide insight to all types of clients in need of his services.

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